Birmingham 2020: The Interstate Project

Special Reports

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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — Has the roadwork in downtown Birmingham been driving you crazy? Well, at least some of your traffic-related headaches will be coming to an end. After having been closed for a year, the I-59/20 bridge is slated to be fully open by the end of the weekend. Monday, we’re taking a deeper dive into the completion of the bridge. In our newscasts, we’ll take a look at the project’s impact on drivers and the economy to determine…was it worth it?

Below are the special reports. Come back to read and watch each story after it has aired.

How I-59/20 construction impacted drivers? by Michelle Logan

I-59/20 Construction: One year in review by Jack Royer

Is the new I-59/20 bridge better for commuters? by Michael Clark

What’s next for the I-59/20 bridge project? by Ariana Garza

The economic outlook of the I-59/20 bridge project by Hillary Simon


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