A Mulga Mystery: The Ghost of Bayview Bridge

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October 02 2021 06:00 pm

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MULGA, Ala. (WIAT) — Just outside downtown Birmingham lies the small town of Mulga.

“Most of us are family, for the most part or related somehow…Everybody out here’s lived here their whole life,” resident Dustin Knobloch said.

Developed to support several coal mines in the area, many of its residents are deeply rooted in Mulga’s rich history, which includes its own legends and lore.

“It’s kind of like the heritage and what makes people who they are. This is the heritage of our area,” Mulga resident Loraine McDonald explained.

The most famous of these legends is the haunting of Bayview Bridge.

“All my life, I’ve heard the ghost appeared at the bridge,” said Mildred Posey, who has lived in Mulga for 80 years.

“A lot of them would come to Bayview just to see the bridge at night,” McDonald said. “People would say, ‘Did you see the mist? There’s a woman in the mist!'”

As to the exact details of the yarn, it depends on who you ask.

“Everybody’s got their own version of what the true story is. The only thing I know is a lady and a baby were going across the bridge and from what I heard, the boyfriend threw them off,” Knobloch said.

“They say the woman in the wedding dress went into the lake…Then she came back as a ghost. That was what was told,” Posey said.

The current Bayview Bridge was built in 1980. It is not the same one from the legend or the even eerier one that followed.

“It was like a moan. It made it even scarier. And when you went on a date, you had to go across the bridge,” McDonald recalled.

Though some find the bridge unsettling at times, no one we spoke to actually witnessed a haunting there.

Knobloch said he tried three times.

“I’ve never seen the ghost and I’ve gone across the bridge hundreds and hundreds of times,” Posey said.

Contradictions aside, in Mulga, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone who hasn’t heard the tale.

While there seems to be no clear evidence to support a lady in white haunting Bayview Bridge, many residents have little doubt something mysterious lies there and in the water below.

“It’s creepy regardless,” Knobloch said.

“There’s no telling what all is in that lake,” McDonald said.


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