2020: The Year in Politics

Special Reports

(WIAT) — 2020, It’s the year for the presidential election and not to mention the race for Alabama’s U.S. Senate seat. CBS 42 Evening Anchor Jack Royer gives us some insight, watch his special report in the video above.

The year 2020 Donald Trump is president, and Tommy Tuberville is running for U.S Senate and is leading in some polls.

Steve Flowers, CBS 42 political analyst, said, “I suspected Jeff Sessions would start off as the front runner in that race. What surprised me is how strong Tuberville continues to be in the polling.”

But this year, we may learn a lot about who has political capital. President Trump is yet to endorse a candidate in the senate race, after the war of words between him and his former attorney general in 2019.

Jeff Sessions

Earlier this year President Trump said about Sessions, “I would say if I had one do over it would be I would not have appointed Jeff Sessions to be my attorney general, that would be my one.”

But just like Sessions, Tommy Tuberville is making his campaign all about supporting President Trump. He’s pledged not to take a salary in Washington. 

Tommy Tuberville said, “Senator Doug Jones is fighting to hold onto the seat he won two years ago. But- it comes as the impeachment battle lines are being drawn in Washington.”

Sen. Doug Jones on another occasion said, “You know I’ve said all along and I really believe that this is not a partisan witch hunt. But it has become such a partisan issue, and that’s really troubling.” 

 Political Analyst Flowers said, “It’s gonna really hurt [Jones] if he has to vote on impeachment in the Senate, and he’s kind of stayed away from it so far. But we’re gonna find out. I think if he votes yes on impeachment, he’s done.”

Donald Trump’s approval ratings in Alabama are higher than even Gov. Kay Ivey, meaning candidates aligning with the president as closely as possible is likely to continue. But soon, it will be up to the voters.

Flowers said, “This is still real early. You’re more than three months away from the primary, so it’s still a while away and I don’t think people are concentrating. I think the early polling indicates name identification, but I think Sessions is the man to beat in that race.”


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