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What is the best mini trampoline?

Investing in a mini trampoline is an excellent choice for anyone looking to engage their core, strengthen their leg and back muscles and add a low-impact component to their workout routine. 

Mini trampolines allow you the flexibility to set your own pace and discover how you most enjoy using them. They’re suitable for any home, even small spaces. You can use them for an intense workout or as a form of rehabilitation and gentle exercise. No matter your age or ability, using a mini trampoline is a great way to liven up your workout regimen. 

Things to consider when purchasing a mini trampoline

Whether you’re looking to tone, burn calories, rehabilitate from an injury or just get moving during your day, there are plenty of options available to help you meet your objectives. 


Knowing how you plan on using your trampoline can help in deciding on the right one. Are you interested in weight loss, athletic conditioning and training or do you just want to use it casually to spice up your workouts? For example, you don’t want to choose a spring with a low-impact bounce if you’re trying to burn calories. 

Size and design

There are two main design and size options:

  • A mini trampoline with a stiff surface and minimal bounce is typically referred to as a rebounder. These are meant for moderate to intense workouts. 
  • Mini trampolines that are larger and offer more bounce/flexible springs deliver a more standard, recreational experience, which is appropriate for children or beginners looking for a fun way to stimulate their muscles rather than endure an intense workout. 

Mini trampoline features 


Noise reduction when bouncing may be a beneficial feature if you live in a shared space, and certain trampolines are designed with this in mind. 

Non-slip surface

Non-slip surfaces are a smart way to prevent injury, especially if you’re going to use the mini trampoline in humid conditions or you sweat a lot during a workout.


Balance/safety handlebars are helpful for those who require assistance balancing or as a way to provide stability during intense workout routines. 

Top mini trampolines 

Darchen Mini Trampoline

Darchen Mini Trampoline

What you need to know: This 40-inch mini rebounder is perfect for at-home use, even in small spaces. It holds up to 450 pounds and includes bungees (rather than springs) for noiseless, comfortable use.

What you’ll love: Compared to other rebounders with springs, this product offers a soft but effective, low-impact bounce and was designed for high-intensity workouts.

What you should consider: Safety handlebars are not included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

RoseAngeles Folding Fitness Trampoline

RoseAngeles Folding Fitness Trampoline

What you need to know: This product is made of durable nylon and includes a handlebar for safety, a non-slip surface and has anti-skid steel tubing, providing a safe experience for all.

What you’ll love: This 48-inch trampoline allows for users weighing up to 270 pounds. It can be used by the whole family and for a variety of skill levels and purposes.

What you should consider: Because it’s intended for both children and adults, the rebound of this trampoline may not be comparable to those that are explicitly designed for intense workouts. Children should always be monitored when using mini trampolines.

Where to buy: Sold by Wayfair

Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

Stamina InTone Oval Jogger

What you need to know: This 36-inch mini trampoline is an oval shape, providing users with the ability to add more movement into their routines.

What you’ll love: The Stamina InTone Oval Jogger includes an adjustable handlebar with foam. Its exterior is made of a durable steel, and it includes resistance bands and an electronic fitness monitor to help track calories, jumps and timing during your workout.

What you should consider: Assembly is required. Additionally, this product is exclusively meant for rebounding (fitness) purposes.

Where to buy: Sold by Dick’s Sporting Goods

ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline

ANCHEER Foldable Trampoline

What you need to know: This 50-inch mini trampoline is suitable for teens and adults. It has an adjustable handlebar and is nearly twice the height of a traditional mini trampoline, with durable arched legs for support, allowing for deeper, extended bouncing.

What you’ll love: This product’s hexagonal shape is unique and allows flexibility in movement. It uses bungee technology (rather than springs), meaning less noise and the elimination of potential spring-related injuries. It’s UV-resistant so you can use it outdoors.

What you should consider: This product is larger (50 inches), which may not work for small indoor spaces, although it’s collapsible and can be stored and reassembled as needed. It can bear up to 220 pounds.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Toncur Mini Foldable Trampoline

Toncur Mini Foldable Trampoline

What you need to know: This trampoline includes sweat-resistant foam padding on the handlebars, and handlebars also feature five adjustable settings to cater to children, teens and adults.

What you’ll love: The Toncur mini trampoline has suctioned feet that can be placed on the steel legs to ensure that the trampoline stays secured while in use and to save floors from potential damage. It’s compact enough for offices, apartments or other small spaces.

What you should consider: This product is for users of all ages and can bear up to 330 pounds; because it caters to a broad range of users, it may be considered more generic, as it isn’t tailored specifically to one purpose/user.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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