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Which relaxants for cats are best?

Anxious cats can be a handful. Stressed, anxious cats can be incredibly vocal, damage furniture or urinate inappropriately in the house. To solve these issues, you may want to consider getting some kind of cat relaxant. Relaxants for cats help reduce anxiety and calm down even the most agitated cats. They come in several different forms, but if your cat loves chewy treats, then check out the Nutramax Laboratories Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement.

What to know before you buy relaxants for cats

Types of relaxants

There are several different types of relaxants for cats available. The most popular types are:

  • Diffusers
  • Treats
  • Wipes
  • Sprays
  • Gels
  • Calming collars
  • Jackets and vests

Each relaxant varies in strength and effectiveness. So, before choosing one, think about your cat’s personality. Some cats will take to a calming vest or jacket well, while others will become more anxious if they have to wear one. Many cats do well with less invasive options, like diffusers, treats and wipes. It may be necessary to experiment with a few different relaxants until you find what works.

Along with this, some cat relaxants work better at managing or reducing certain types of behaviors than others. Multi-cat diffusers, for instance, can help prevent fights between cats from breaking out. They can also keep one cat from marking their territory due to stress or agitation. When in doubt, be sure to consult a veterinarian.

Usage and other benefits

Cats are notorious for being particular about their environment. They can be upset by small changes like a feeding station being moved or large changes like a new person or cat in the house.

Anxious cats may be extra picky, territorial or stressed out, even if there’s no clear change. This may make it difficult to pinpoint the exact reason for their change in behavior. Still, the first thing you should do is try to figure out what’s causing the cat to act the way it is.

For example, if a cat is suddenly hoarding food or chasing other cats in the household, they may be anxious about not having enough resources. In that case, a couple of calming diffusers around the house could help.

Vests, jackets and calming collars are also great options for felines who don’t mind wearing them. That’s because they provide the cat with an extra sense of security. Some collars also send out a calming pheromone that helps keep the cat relaxed.

Calming treats for cats typically have active ingredients in them that also promote stress relief and calm. Plus, many cats are more likely to be drawn to treats than they are to wearable relaxants. 

Health and safety

Certain relaxants for cats contain potentially harmful ingredients that should be avoided. Some diffusers, for example, contain essential oils which may be toxic to cats. When choosing a diffuser, make sure it relies on pheromones rather than essential oils.

Some cats don’t react well to wearing calming collars. They may develop skin rashes or other irritations, especially if they wear them for a long time. In some cases, cats have been known to sustain lower jaw damage due to trying to get out of an ill-fitting collar.

For the most part, relaxants for cats are considered safe. But you should still double-check the ingredients and keep an eye on your pet when first introducing any type of relaxant.

What to look for in quality relaxants for cats

Method of administration

The way to administer a cat relaxant depends on the type.

Diffusers are very easy to use. Simply plug it into a wall and let it go to work. Some diffusers take a few days or so to start working, but once they do, they last about a month. If you replace the diffusers before they run out, the next one should start working immediately.

For treats or soft chews, simply follow the instructions on the packaging. Typically, you can give a cat calming treats several times a day. Treats are also great if you want to engage more directly with your cat or create a calming routine. 

If you’re planning on going with a calming vest, jacket or collar, introduce it slowly to your cat. Keep an eye on your cat while they’re wearing the device to make sure they’re safe and not stressed out because of it. Check the product for specific instructions and how long the manufacturer recommends the cat can wear it. 

There are also calming gels and sprays. Sprays work similarly to diffusers in that they promote calm through the use of pheromones. Simply spritz a few times in key areas of the house and it can help keep your cat from becoming anxious. You may need to readminister a spray multiple times a week or month for optimal effect.

As for gels, simply squeeze a small amount on top of your cat’s paw or on their nose and they’ll lick it off. These gels should contain healthy ingredients, such as chamomile, that facilitate calm in your cat.

Range and placement

Diffusers and sprays have a limited range. So, if your cat is extremely anxious or if you live in a large home, you may need to get multiple diffusers to cover the main areas. You may also need to use a spray in more areas for maximum effect.

Typically, the best place to put relaxants like sprays and diffusers is wherever your cat usually spends its time. This may include near the litter box and any feeding stations. Just avoid using sprays or diffusers directly over the water or food bowls since they’re not intended to be consumed.


If the cat relaxant isn’t working, or if you want an alternative, consider getting a couple of interactive cat toys. These will let you play with your cat and encourage them to engage in their basic instinct to hunt. Laser pointers, feather toys, wands and crinkly toys can all have a positive effect on your cat.

How much you can expect to spend on a relaxant for cats

Diffusers, diffuser refills and specialty treats typically cost between $30–$45. Calming collars and sprays cost between $5–$10. Calming vests are around $35–$60.

Relaxants for cats FAQ

Can I use lavender to reduce my cat’s anxiety?

A. Many cat relaxants use synthetic pheromones to help reduce stress and keep felines calm. However, lavender oil and other essential oils can be extremely dangerous for cats. If you’re not sure about a certain chemical or ingredient, consult a vet or look online to see if it’s toxic to your cat.

What’s the best option for multi-cat households?

A. Treats and diffusers are the best options for calming an anxious cat in a multi-cat household. Chewables are easy to incorporate in your cats’ daily routine, while diffusers function day in and day out.

What are the best relaxants for cats to buy?

Top relaxant for cats

Nutramax Laboratories Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement

Nutramax Laboratories Solliquin Behavioral Health Supplement

What you need to know: Great for both cats and dogs, this relaxant comes in both a soft chew and a tablet format that can help calm anxious pets over time.

What you’ll love: These chicken flavor treats are perfect for anxious cats, whether they’re at home, in the car or at the vet. They work well with behavior training to help reduce anxiety.

What you should consider: They’re not fast-acting and should be used daily for best results.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Top relaxant for cats for the money

Nature's Miracle Just for Cats Calming Spray

Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Calming Spray

What you need to know: This eight-ounce, stress-reducing spray is ideal for those who want a non-sedating formula to help their feline friends relax.

What you’ll love: Sprayed in key areas around the house, this formula works great at preventing cats from scratching at walls and urinating on the carpet or rugs. It’s also a good option for car trips since you can spray it on the underside of the cat carrier.

What you should consider: This spray is not intended for consumption, so avoid spraying it anywhere the cat may accidentally lick or swallow it.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Chewy

Worth checking out

Comfort Zone Diffuser Kit for Multi-Cat Calming

Comfort Zone Diffuser Kit for Multi-Cat Calming

What you need to know: Great for multi-cat households, this diffuser set comes with two refills for 60 days of calm.

What you’ll love: Simply plug the diffuser into an outlet in a high-traffic area and it’ll start to let off pheromones only your cat can detect. Many vets recommend diffusers to help reduce anxiety and aggression between cats.

What you should consider: The diffuser itself runs hot after a while, so be careful when switching out refills.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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