NORWOOD, Mass. (WIAT) — In honor of National Brownie Day, a cannabis operator in Massachusetts unveiled the world’s largest pot brownie on Wednesday.

Coming in a whopping 850 pounds, the brownie contains an estimated 20,000 mg of THC and stands 15 inches tall with a three-foot diameter.

The company, MariMed Inc., created the “delicious, soft and chewy” brownie to launch the company’s new edible brand, Bubby’s Baked. The company will start selling much smaller versions of the marijuana-infused treats across Massachusetts and will come in flavors of chocolate chip and snickerdoodle as well.

“For many of us, homemade brownies were our first taste of cannabis-infused edibles,” MariMed Chief Product Officer and SVP/Sales Ryan Crandall said. “Bubby’s recreates and elevates that nostalgic experience, infusing full-spectrum, craft-quality cannabis into timeless recipes, for a reliable high reminiscent of simpler times.”

For more information on the release of the pot brownie, MariMed Inc. and Bubby’s Baked, click here.