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Which bar spoon is best?

In order to make the tastiest, most impressive cocktails at home, you need to have the right tools. An important yet often underrated utensil is the bar spoon, a handy instrument designed to stir, pour and mix drinks without disturbing the delicate nature of the creation. They also look great on a bar cart.

The Barfly Teardrop Bar Spoon showcases the most important features of a bar spoon and also offers versatility in the kitchen. As there are various types of bar spoons, it’s important to know what they do and how to operate them in order to find the best one for your lifestyle.

What to know before you buy a bar spoon

Bar spoon uses

A bar spoon is used to mix drinks that are intended to be stirred and not shaken. These tend to be more delicate cocktails as shaking will blend contents and potentially chip ice, watering down the drink. A bar spoon is designed to be long and slender so that it can move easily around the outer edge of a glass without hitting any ice.

A bar spoon can also be used for layering, where one ingredient is intended to sit atop another. As most bar spoons hold a teaspoon of liquid, they can also be used for convenient measuring. Lastly, a bar spoon can be used to add or retrieve garnishes or ice cubes as needed.

Bar spoon type

There are three main types of bar spoons, identified by different regions. The American bar spoon is basic and affordable. It’s ideal for simple measuring and stirring and typically features a corkscrew design in part of the handle. Meanwhile, a European bar spoon is slightly thicker and sturdier and offers users a chance to layer drinks as well. The corkscrew handle design tends to be more pronounced.

Lastly, the Japanese bar spoon is usually longer and skinnier, boasting durable construction as well as an aesthetically pleasing design. These are designed for stirring and layering cocktails for serious and frequent bartending.

What to look for in a quality bar spoon


Bar spoons range in length from around 10-16 inches. Longer spoons allow for more convenient stirring of taller drinks but they can be harder to wield than shorter options. The ideal length that balances both effectiveness and maneuverability is around 12 inches so that enough of the spoon is above the rim of the glass.


Bar spoons typically feature a twisted handle, whether it’s the entirety of the spoon or just a portion of it. The twisted design not only looks attractive, but it also helps with gripping the spoon when it becomes wet. Spoons that only have a subtle corkscrew design on the handle may be harder to wield.


The size and design of the bowl will vary across bar spoons. A medium-sized bowl that is about one inch across provides the most versatility when making drinks. It can hold ice and garnishes easily while also navigating crowded cocktails when it’s time to stir. Smaller bowls offer more maneuverability but may not effectively hold any solid additions to drinks. Conversely, larger spoons can hold a lot but will likely be clunky within the glass.

The shape of the bowl will also determine what it can hold effectively. Longer, more slender bowls are ideal for stirring. 

Built-in tools

Some bar spoons feature an additional tool or utensil on the end opposite the bowl. This may include a muddler for certain cocktails or a small fork used to place garnishes. The muddler may come in a variety of designs as well, with some smaller, slender muddlers offering more precision and larger muddlers providing convenience.

How much you can expect to spend on a bar spoon 

Bar spoons are relatively inexpensive, with most costing between $5-$12. You may find bar spoons sold in sets of different sizes as well as bar spoons included in comprehensive cocktails sets.

Bar spoon FAQ

How do I hold a bar spoon?

A. Hold the bar spoon as you would a writing instrument, controlling it with your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. Stir with your fingers instead of your wrist so that you have a more delicate touch with complete control. 

What other utensils do I need for a complete cocktail set?

A. A bar spoon allows you to stir and layer drinks and is best complemented by a shaker and strainer so you can make a variety of other cocktails. A jigger allows you to measure effectively and if your bar spoon doesn’t already have a muddler on the end, it’s worth investing in one.

What’s the best bar spoon to buy?

Top bar spoon

Barfly Teardrop Bar Spoon

Barfly Teardrop Bar Spoon

Our take: A stylish and effective bar spoon that will enhance the look of your kitchen and the quality of your cocktails.

What we like: A stunning stainless steel, copper-coated bar spoon with a long twisted handle. Alternative color and tip options are available to suit your needs.

What we dislike: At nearly 16 inches long, it can be hard to manipulate.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bar spoon for the money

Purefold Stainless Steel Bar Spoon

Purefold Stainless Steel Bar Spoon

Our take: A simple, durable and budget-friendly bar spoon that offers convenience in the kitchen.

What we like: A stainless steel spoon that stands up well over time and use. The 12-inch length offers convenience and easy usage. Dishwasher safe and comes at a  low price.

What we dislike: Lackluster in appearance.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hiware Set of Three Bar Spoons

Hiware Set of Three Bar Spoons

Our take: A versatile set of bar spoons, each with different end designs that allow for a variety of drinks to be made with ease.

What we like: Great value for three quality bar spoons: two at 12 inches in length and one at 11 inches. Allows for muddling, layering and stirring.

What we dislike: Fairly lightweight; end accessories may struggle with more complex drinks.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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