BREAKING: Second suspect arrested in Aniah Blanchard’s alleged kidnapping

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Antwain “Squirmy” Fisher is charged with first degree kidnapping in the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard. (Lee County Jail)

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December 25 2021 12:00 am

AUBURN, Ala. (WRBL) – As the search for 19-year-old Aniah Blanchard enters its second month, a second arrest has been made in connection with missing teen’s disappearance.

Anyone with information in Blanchard’s disappearance is urged to call Auburn Police at 334-501-3140 or the anonymous tip line at 334-246-1391

Saturday morning, Lee County, Alabama District Attorney Brandon Hughes confirmed the arrest of 35-year-old Antwain Fisher, also known as “Squirmey”. Fisher is charged with Kidnapping First Degree.

Antwain “Squirmy” Fisher is charged with Kidnapping First Degree in the disappearance of Aniah Blanchard

Auburn police arrested Fisher Friday night and the Montgomery man was booked into the Lee County Detention Facility early Saturday morning, according to Hughes. News 3 is working to get more details as to why investigators believe Fisher is also involved in the disappearance of Blanchard.

Investigators have maintained their belief that more than one person is involved with Blanchard’s disappearance and are urging anyone with information to come forward.

Foul play is suspected in the case. Investigators discovered a life- threatening amount of Blanchard’s blood inside the teen’s abandoned SUV. The vehicle was recovered a few days after her disappearance in the parking lot of a Montgomery apartment complex.

30-year-old Ibraheem Yazeed was the first suspect identified and arrested in the case. He was taken into custody November 7, 2019 and charged with Kidnapping First Degree.

Ibraheem Yazeed

Yazeed went before a Lee County Judge Wednesday morning for his probable cause hearing.

Judge Russell Bush decided there is enough evidence to send the case to a Lee County Grand Jury for them to consider indictment. Judge Bush also denied Yazeed’s motion for bond reconsideration, meaning Yazeed will remain behind bars in Lee County as the case proceeds.

As Yazeed was escorted into the courtroom, he glanced back toward Blanchard’s parents who returned stares at at the man accused of abducting their daughter.

Auburn Police Investigator Josh Mixon testified that surveillance video shows an apparent chance encounter between Yazeed and Blanchard at the South College Chevron gas station in Auburn where the teen caught Yazeed’s eye. The security camera footage from October 23, 2019 shows Blanchard walking into the convenient store, her last confirmed location before apparent abduction.

”Mr. Yazeed purchased an alcoholic beverage, where he took to the counter and while he was getting change, he had his hand out for his change, he looks over his shoulder at her (Blanchard) and watches her walking past and then gets his change and walks out of the store and walks out,” testified Auburn investigator Josh Mixon.

Investigator Mixon testified there is no video showing Blanchard’s alleged abduction. Apparently, the Chevron has video surveillance inside the store and a camera looking down at the entrance, but cameras there do not show the gas pumps or parking lot.

Yazeed at Wednesday’s Preliminary hearing

Mixon testified investigators tracked down another store patron seen in the same surveillance video. When questioned, that man admitted that he had witnessed the kidnapping of Aniha Blanchard but did not immediately report it to authorities.

“He said he observed Blanchard and a black male later positively identified as Ibraheem Yazeed at the store at the same time, and he observed Yazeed forcing Blanchard into her vehicle against her will and leaving with her in that vehicle,” testified Mixon.

The witness says he didn’t know Yazeed’s name but had seen him around the area. Mixon testified Yazeed, who is from Montgomery, is known to frequent the Clarion Inn in Auburn, near the Chevron gas station where Aniah was last seen.

Mixon also testified as to why the witness said he didn’t report the alleged abduction until investigators located him and the regret the witness is now feeling.

“He told his girlfriend, or it may have been his wife what he saw, and she told him it was none of his business and to stay out of it. He started breaking down crying, and I think he was remorseful he didn’t come forward sooner,” testified Mixon.

During Mixon’s testimony, that focused on this crucial witness, Yazeed’s defense attorney objected to the witness not being named at this point in the case.

“I think it’s important the witness needs to be identified. Because, if Mr. Yazeed knows who they are, that could certainly have a major impact on this case,” stated Elijah Beaver, Yazeed’s Defense Attorney.

The Lee County District Attorney stated in court the witness would be named later and called to testify if the case goes to trial. However, with the ongoing search for Aniah Blanchard and the potential involvement of more suspects, the district attorney stressed the importance of the name of the witness being withheld at this point.

“The identity of this witness is a safety issue. Ibraheem Yazeed is getting into trouble and getting arrested on violent felonies, but for some reason, he keeps getting away and keeps getting not indicted. Maybe its because Mr. Yazeed’s associates handle his witnesses,” stated District Attorney Brandon Hughes.

Beaver objected to the allegations Yazeed was somehow involved in witness tampering. Judge Bush decided not to compel prosecutors to name the witness at this point in the judicial process.

Yazeed remains behind bars in the Lee County detention facility. A Lee County Grand Jury will soon decide whether or not he will be indicted.

Based on Investigator Mixon’s testimony Wednesday, Yazeed has revealed little to investigators as they continue searching for Aniah Blanchard.

“He confirmed he was in the store and then requested council,” testified Mixon.

After Judge Bush sent the Kidnapping case to a Lee County Grand Jury, he also approved a DNA swab from Yazeed. This is important to note because during testimony Wednesday, we learned DNA belonging to a man was discovered in Blanchard’s recovered vehicle, where a life-threatening amount of her blood was also found a few days after she vanished.


Wednesday Night- October 23: Blanchard is seen on video at the Chevron Gas Station along South College Street in Auburn, Alabama. The video is the last known image of Blanchard.

Thursday – October 24: Blanchard is reporting missing to the police by her family. Investigators say Blanchard’s SUV is seen traveling in the early morning hours along South College Street in Auburn, Alabama.

Friday Night – October 25: Blanchard’s black Honda CR-V SUV is recovered at Park Place Apartments in Montgomery, Alabama. The vehicle has been damaged. Evidence is recovered from inside the vehicle.

Thursday – October 31: Police confirm first time publicly evidence taken from inside the SUV tested by the Department of Forensic Sciences indicates Aniah Blanchard has been harmed and is a victim of foul play.

Monday – November 6: Police ask public assistance in identifying a person of interest seen on surveillance video inside Auburn Chevron gas station along South College Street at the same time as Blanchard.

Tuesday – November 7: 30-year-old Ibraheem Yazeed of Montgomery named as the wanted suspect in the Kidnapping of Aniah Blanchard. Yazeed is taken into custody in Pensacola, Florida at 11 p.m.

Friday – November 22: Second suspect in disappearance of Aniah Blanchard arrested identified as 35-year-old Antwain Fisher, AKA “Squirmey” charged with Kidnapping First Degree.


The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person or persons responsible stands at $105,000. CrimeStoppers says tipsters can remain anonymous and still receive the reward, and for 22 years, tipsters’ identities have been protected, so there is absolutely no reason for you not to call. If you have any information regarding the location Aniah Blanchard, you may use their 24-hour tip line at 334-215-STOP (7867) or download the P3-tips app, or give information through the web at or Facebook page at Central Alabama CrimeStoppers. You may also use CrimeStoppers new 800 number, 1-833-AL1-STOP.

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