Proposed bill honoring Aniah Blanchard heard in senate committee

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December 25 2021 12:00 am

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — UPDATE (2/5): A bill written in honor of Aniah Blanchard was in a senate committee Wednesday.

The Senate Judiciary Committee debated the bill that would make bond revocation mandatory. The bill would deny people who are arrested for some of the most violent crimes from getting a bond.

The bill’s sponsor, Senator Cam Ward, says if this bill was in place now, Aniah Blanchard would still be alive today.

The main suspect accused of killing Aniah, 30-year-old Ibraheem Yazeed, was out on bond while awaiting trial for a slew of serious offenses.

The committee heard from people on both sides of this issue.

“However, this bill as written is unconstitutional, said Shay Farley, with the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Farley shared concerns of due process if this becomes law.

Auburn Police Chief Paul Register says he supports this bill. 

“It is our belief and opinion that had he not been out there, Blanchard would still be with us today,” said Chief Register.

The bill wasn’t voted on Wednesday, but bill sponsor Senator Cam Ward wants to bring it back next week.

ORIGINAL (1/15): One Alabama lawmaker wants to propose a constitutional amendment to reform the state’s bail system.

State Senator Cam Ward of Alabaster wants to make bond revocation mandatory. It would deny a bond to someone who is arrested for some of the most violent crimes.  Ward said this bill comes after learning details in the Aniah Blanchard case. 

Sen. Cam Ward (R) Alabaster said, “No bond for people who have been an arrest for certain crimes: murder, first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, sexual abuse, sexual torture or human trafficking.”

Ward says he plans to file his bill when lawmakers go into session next month.


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