BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) — CBS 42 asked the community for submissions for the most remarkable women. One of the nominees was Gloria Dennard.

Growing up as one of six children, Dennard didn’t have much. But that didn’t hinder her from living a life of love and service.

Her father was a painter and carpenter, and he did everything he could for Dennard and her siblings to feel the love and dedication of their parents.

“Didn’t have much money, but whatever we wanted, most of the time, he could make it, so we got it anyway,” Dennard says, “They were hard working people and loved their children and always tried to make things better for us.”

Gloria Dennard graduated early from high school, and she was soon encouraged by Reverend John Rice Junior to go to Stillman College. She says that he always tried to broaden students’ knowledge to dig deeper than the surface.

She had never heard of the college, but she trusted his advice by going to Stillman, and she never regretted it.

After college, Dennard became a teacher of English, Spanish, and Journalism. She soon found out that she could impact even more students’ lives by becoming a library media specialist.

“As a library media specialist, contrary to a classroom teacher, I get to touch every child in the school,” Dennard says, “You know, I got to work with the teachers and the students. It widened my role, and I enjoyed it.”

She was able to expand the thinking of students as well as teachers, encouraging them to explore more opportunities to learn.

Dennard eventually became the Director of Library Media Services for all of Jefferson County. Her leadership skills were heavily sought after by many organizations, including the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute, where she was a founding member.

In addition to her time there, Dennard was also responsible for the induction of the Professional Women’s Golf Association into the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame.

Gloria Dennard may have decades of service and accomplishments under her belt, but her proudest accomplishment is her role as mother and grandmother.

“What I really love is that they, my kids, they’re close and they look out for each other. My daughter has two children. Boy, I really learned what people said all along that it’s nothing like being a grandma.” Dennard says, “Oh, wow. When they just say it, ‘grandma,’ just sends…oh, I just love my grandbabies. They love me. And they call me Grandma.”

Gloria Dennard has positively impacted the Birmingham community in countless ways, and her legacy will live on forever as a Remarkable Women nominee.