CLARSKVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The new season of “American Idol” premiered Sunday night on News 2, which meant one local father-daughter duo took the stage.

If you’re looking for someone to cheer for on the 21st season of “American Idol,” look no further than one of Middle Tennessee’s very own.

Meet Haven Madison of Clarksville, a 2023 “American Idol” contestant. 

The Clarksville High School student is gearing up to face an international audience on Sunday, Feb. 19, alongside her father. 

The family is no stranger to the stage, as Madison has been touring with her dad for a few years now. 

However, when the world shut down as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, the father-daughter duo shifted their focus. That’s when Madison said a new and exciting opportunity presented itself.

“With COVID, we slowed down, had a lot of free time, and we thought, ‘let’s see, let’s learn the process of the studio,’ so my dad started learning production and I started learning being a studio singer, and the time came around, I saw the opportunity, and I was like, ‘It’s worth a try. Let’s just see where God takes me in this,'” Madison recalled.

Madison said music is who she is and it’s always been her art.

Despite singing for year, Madison said she still gets nervous and relies on one quote in particular to motivate her to keep going.

“My motivation to keep moving, even when I got a little in my head and was like, ‘Ooh, maybe I’m not good enough,’ was, there’s Roosevelt’s speech, it’s called ‘Man in the Arena,’ and it’s all about, like, it’s not the critic who counts, it’s the one who’s doing the deeds.”

Madison’s father is the lead singer of a Christian band and for the past few years she’s been touring the world alongside him.

Now, she said it’s surreal to be able to share the “American Idol” stage with him.

“To be able to share it with the reason music is in me and with that person is really awesome for the both of us,” Madison added. “We’ve spent a lot of our lives touring and traveling and now it’s shifting for mine, which is crazy and really for surreal.”

Madison said family and friends are going to watch the premiere together as she performs an original song, hoping for a ticket to Hollywood.

Haven Madison got the happy ending that she wanted. Madison and her dad earned high praise on Sunday night’s episode and were rewarded with a trip to Hollywood!