MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) — An emotional reunion Tuesday between a good Samaritan and the couple he saved from a burning car.

Back in May, a Murfreesboro couple counted their blessings after surviving a hit-and-run crash on I-24 East near Sam Ridley Parkway. Sophie Newsome and Austin Markos believe it was all part of God’s plan, now calling that good Samaritan family.

“It’s just been nothing but love, love. We just text like we been knowing each other for years,” Olandress “Quez” Hampton explained.

However, it’s only been a matter of months. It was a frantic few minutes in May when Quez earned a new title and gained this family.

“You are a hero, you are such a hero,” Keleigh Wyatt, Newsome’s mother, tearfully told Quez.

She continued, “I’m just trying to do everything I can not to cry, he gave me my daughter back,” she explained.

It was May 14 when witnesses say a black Dodge sedan was driving recklessly on 1-24. Sophie and Austin felt a bump. Their car began spiraling out of control, flipped, and landed on its side, leaving the couple trapped.

“I saw her at the windshield she [was] hitting it like she trying to get out,” said Quez. 

The father of four was with his wife and 10-year-old son and saw smoke billowing from the car. “People just kept going by and I was like I gotta help ‘em seeing her on the window.”

Quez didn’t think twice, grabbing his pocketknife, popping the airbag, cutting the seatbelt and helping pull the couple from the car, but it’s what happened in the few seconds following that has everyone in tears.

“God knows, next thing you know two steps from the car and boom whole flames.”

Miraculously, everyone walked away with only a few cuts and bruises, while gaining a renewed sense in life.

“The fact there’s somebody that’s as courageous and brave and caring as Quez, I mean there’s not many people like that around here and it’s great to see him again,” Austin explained.

Following the accident, Quez loaned his phone to Sophie to call her mom and that’s how they’ve kept in touch. He now endearingly calls her ‘mom.’

“The texts are all love here recently, I’m like hey mom,” he laughed.

Austin and Sophie have plans to get married in just a few weeks and you better believe Quez and his family will be attending.

“I’m feeling like I might get invited to Christmas ya know? They invited me to the wedding, they said I’m family, so hey we might be taking trips,” he laughed.

Sophie’s mom is a real estate agent, she says while it’s not much, she plans to give her commission to Quez and his family to help with the down payment on their home.

The couple had a gofundme set up following the crash.