JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) – Saturday was the first day neighbors in Jackson went without trash collection after a split vote with City Council members failed to come up with a resolution about Richard’s Disposal’s ability to continue picking up trash.

The City of Jackson is back without a garbage collection service with no known potential RFP candidates. Neighbors say they’re tired of suffering the consequences of city leaders’ squabbles.

“Who is going to get our trash? That trash is just going to keep adding up. What are we going to do? What are we supposed to do about our trash? What about the other stuff? What about the neighbors’ trash? What about the dogs in the neighborhood tearing up the trash? We’ve got to think about it. I really think they need to get it together for it,” said one Jacksonian.

With city leaders failing to come to an agreement, some neighbors say it’s time to put the vote in the hands of the people.

“Well, they didn’t give the people a chance to vote on it, you know. I think they should kind of let the people vote on it. They represent us anyway. We had to vote them in office. Not voting on certain matters and stuff like that is kind of just an injustice to the people, I guess you could say. Trash has to be collected. They’ve got to work something out,” said one neighbor.

The primary question now is what are Jacksonians supposed to do as trash piles up outside their homes?

“I have garbage in front of my house right now because I live in South Jackson. I’m on a Wednesday and Saturday pickup. Now, what are they going to say about a person like me that’s going to end up having to burn their trash because I can’t let it sit in front of my house. It’s going to become a problem,” said another neighbor.

Council President Ashby Foote assures neighbors that leaders are working to put a plan in place for trash collection, but no specific details have been shared.