JACKSON, Miss. (WJTV) — One Jackson neighbor claims that after he was notified of his elderly mother’s medical condition on Friday, he called for an ambulance, but it never came.

Charles Aldridge said after making the initial call to AMR Emergency Services for his sickly mother, he said the family waited over 45 minutes. He said he called dispatch again, but declares he didn’t receive any conclusive answers. Then, he drove his mother to the hospital in his personal vehicle.

“You have a 70-year-old lady who’s very ill and I don’t have any idea what to do. So, I called them again and got the same thing. They said that all the ambulances were at the hospital. Well, on the way, we see one sitting at one spot and we also passed him. So, you know, I just wanted to know what the problem is, the issue about the ambulance not showing up. Then, their post comes out, you know, to help people so you can get them out there. We need to find out what the problem is,” said Aldridge.

We reached out to AMR about the accusation and officials said they’re researching the incident.