YAZOO CITY, Miss. (WJTV) — A group interested in finding out who lies below the Witch of Yazoo’s grave has requested to excavate the site.

The Yazoo Herald reported the Witch’s Grave can be found surrounded by chain links in Glenwood Cemetery. Willie Morris’ book “Good Old Boy” tells the story of an old woman who lived on the Yazoo River and was caught luring in and torturing fishermen. After being chased through swamps, she drowned in quicksand, vowing to return and burn the city to the ground in 20 years.

The local historical society’s Sue Patterson said a graduate student from the University of Southern Mississippi wanted to know who’s actually buried in the Witch’s Grave. Patterson said no one knows.

A bioarcheologist and their group asked Patterson if they could excavate the grave. Patterson said the group would pay for the project, but would need help using a ground surveying radar system to find out what’s underground.

After speaking with local groups and the city, Patterson said the request was denied out of respect.

According to the newspaper, there’s a theory that a man who was a member of the Odd Fellows fraternity is buried in the grave. The chain links surrounding the grave may be associated with the fraternity.