RANKIN COUNTY, Miss. (WJTV) – The family of 22-year-old Keair Stowers, who was found dead Sunday, April 24, is speaking out.

Family members said Stowers had autism and was loved by everyone around him.

“Everyone in Forest knew him. He was very quiet. He didn’t bother anyone. Everybody at his job, they loved him,” said the sister of the victim, Amber Stowers.

Keair was a forklift operator for Tyson Foods. He loved trains and would watch them go by every day after work.

“He has a train CD, so he knows what time to be there to film. He was talking to other railroad people that had the same type of passion that he had,” said his mother, Fameka Brooks.

Rankin County Sheriff’s deputies found Keair’s body in a ditch on Wilson Bates Road, right on the line between Rankin County and Scott County. Deputies said he was stabbed multiple times. His truck was stolen and later found in Franklin County.

“Taking my child’s life and throwing him in a ditch. The only thing I can think of is my child laying in that ditch, body just lifeless, and I wasn’t there to protect him,” said Brooks. “My baby was only 22-years-old, he had so much here left to do,” Brooks stated.

Jeffery Allen Freeman, 22, and Madison Nicole Hardin, 17, were arrested in connection to the case and taken to the Rankin County Detention Center. According to the Rankin County Sheriff’s Office, Freeman had a prior felony conviction. The family did not personally know the suspects, but they said the duo had a bad reputation.

“A lot of people that lived in Morton knew them. She was well known, and he was, too, for stealing, robbing, getting in trouble,” said Brooks.

Keair’s family hopes justice is served.

“I just feel like they deserve the death penalty. Life in prison is not good enough for me, because you’re still free. You’re still using taxpayer money,” said Brooks

Freeman and Allen have both been charged with capital murder. They are set to have their first court appearance Tuesday, April 26, 2022.

The Rankin County and Scott County Sheriff’s Offices are investigating this case.