MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WREG)– A Louisiana woman is praising a Mid-South man for a good deed she didn’t want to go unnoticed.

Patricia Kraft, who lives just outside New Orleans, Louisiana, works in the trucking industry. She told WREG while she was trying to send $1,734.13 to a friend in Memphis via Zelle to pay a fuel bill, she accidentally sent the money to the wrong person. She then immediately called the number to retrieve her funds.

“I told him my name and that it was an accident and he was like how do I know it’s not a scam and he was like I have to call my bank,” said Kraft.

Kraft said from there she sent over a copy of her ID to verify she was a real person and explained the severity of the situation.

“If my payment didn’t get to the person it had to go to it’s possible that a whole trucking fleet could have been shut down,” she said.

Shortly after, Kraft said Dr. Sumedhe Karunarathne refunded the money to her Zelle account.

“It was just amazing because I know people right now that would say it’s the wrong number I don’t know what you are talking it” Kraft added. “It’s really touching, I just want to tell him thank you so much.”

WREG contacted Dr. Karunaranthe who lives in Collierville. He told us he appreciates Kraft’s kind words and would never want anyone to lose their hard-earned money.

“It was a simple mistake. I don’t really have enough money and I know that if that happened to me I’d be in big trouble, so I didn’t really want that to happen to that person,” said Dr. Sumedhe Karunaranthne.