SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) — There was a shakeup in city government during a city council meeting like no other on Tuesday.

The Clerk of Council, Shanerika Flemings was fired through a majority vote. But before the vote, she read a statement filled with profanity and accusations about the council members who voted to terminate her.

“People have asked councilwoman Bowman what her problem is with me and her response has been, I just don’t like that b*tch. With no other explanation,” Flemings said.

Flemings is the city employee at the center of the secret pay raise scandal previously approved by councilman James Green of District F that was later rescinded by the full council. In a 4-3 vote, Flemings was terminated from her position. Councilman Gary Brooks of District B made the motion calling for her termination.

“I believe a change in leadership is required. For this reason, I move to terminate the employment of the Clerk of Council effective immediately,” Brooks said.

His motion was seconded by councilwoman Ursula Bowman of District G.

“I have received multiple complaints concerning several employees inside the city council’s clerks office. You know who you are and you know what you said and I took it seriously. I have been telling you chairman that your council office was on fire and nothing was done,” Bowman said.

Flemings read a prepared statement where she called this an assassination of her character. “You have not heard any council member speak negatively about my overall work performance, my skillset, the quality of work I produce, or my professionalism. The council did not have an ounce of evidence,” she said.

“Councilwoman Bowman told me I shouldn’t do sh*t for them. However I told her I would work hard for them and I kept my word,” Flemings referring to councilmembers Jim Taliaferro and Grayson Boucher.

“Councilwoman Bowman has been vocal about her disapproval of me speaking with RJ about his job performance. She has a problem with me speaking directly to him about his work yet she was okay with telling me how messy his clothes look, how bad his hygiene is, how he acts like a female at times, and how she knows he just sits in his office and does nothing. I never commented on these statements.”

“I can’t help but think this termination is the result of a series of incidences where I either spoke out against something I didn’t agree with. Or rejected invitations I believe were inappropriate. Around the time I was confirmed, I attended a dinner where councilwoman Bowman allowed councilman Brooks to say the word “n-word” and I gave him pushback in that moment.”

“When councilman Brooks text me past work hours asking me if I was home or getting out tonight, I did not respond until the next morning. I also did not accept councilwoman Bowman’s invitation where she asked me to go Dallas with her and councilman Brooks where he was going to take us shopping.”

“The last time councilman Brooks asked me to create legislation for him. He told me he wanted me to draft an ordinance he knew would only affect Club Haze and piss them off.”

Brooks declined to comment. Bowman said her termination allows the city to finally move forward.

“I didn’t expect any of that. Everything was very untrue and orchestrated. I’ve never heard any of that,” Bowman said.

Flemings was hired by the council six months ago. She received an applause from some people attending the meeting after her statements.

Flemings opened her statement by saying the city has problems retaining young talent. She closed her statement by saying, “I love Shreveport and I love working for this city. But I am not begging to stay in this position. Today my goal is to simply lay out the facts for the public and you draw your own conclusions.”

Fleming said she wanted her comments to be on public record.

All council members remained silent during her statement.