LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)– Every month, KLFY News 10 partners with Giles Automotive to spotlight local residents who can “pay it forward.” News 10’s Sylvia Masters and Bob Giles met Jobie Lagrange whose mind immediately went to her friend, Taylor Girard.

Taylor’s sister, Tyler Girard, died in a car crash on Oct. 24. Jobie said it was really hard on the community and Tyler’s family, making Taylor the perfect recipient for this month’s Pay it Forward.

“I knew her for years. She was so special. She was probably one of the most amazing people I had met and it’s been really hard,” Jobie said.

Taylor didn’t know who to hug first when Jobie paid the $1,000 forward. Jobie told Bob Giles there was no hesitation about giving this gift to Tyler. She knew immediately that she would pay it forward to her friend.

Pastor Sean Walker also joined News 10 and Jobie at Tyler’s home. He ended with a prayer to uplift the family, another sign that they are on the community’s mind.