ST. MARTIN PARISH, La. (KLFY) — Former St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Deputy Chrystal Clues-Alexander was sentenced to 21 years in prison Wednesday for murdering her husband.

The sentence was handed down at the St. Martin Parish Courthouse for the December 2013 murder of her husband Kendall Alexander.

As family and friends gathered for the sentencing the victim’s mother, Marie Alexander, said now she can finally have closure. With Clues being sentenced for twenty-one years, Alexander said she can finally pick up the pieces to her life and move on.

“I wasn’t sure what it was going to be but once I heard, got the sentencing and realized it was 21 years that they gave her, I am very satisfied,” Alexander said.

For 10 years, Marie Alexander has been waiting to see justice served for the murder of her son. She said although she can’t get her son back, the 21 year sentencing for Clues has finally brought peace.

“I just think everybody will be at peace,” Alexander said. “A little closure is never closure but at least a little closure in knowing that his life wasn’t just taken.”

Back in December 2013, Clues shot her husband Kendall Alexander eleven times, killing him. In 2018 she pled guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter.

Since then, Clues has appealed to rescind her guilty plea but in 2022, her appeal was denied.

Now, 10 years later, clues has been sentenced to 21 years in prison with the opportunity to file a post-conviction relief after serving two years.

“Everybody can just move on now, move on with life. I’ve tried but I think it’s going to be much much better,” Alexander said.