SHREVEPORT, LA. (KTAL/KMSS) — The Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana was shocked to find four puppies abandoned in the heat near their building Thursday morning.

The approximately 9-week-old puppies were left inside a rubber tub around 11:00 a.m. When staff discovered them five hours later, one was already dead, and the other three were suffering from heat exhaustion. All of the puppies were also suffering from Coccidia infections, hookworms, low glucose levels, and were anemic. Another passed away not long after their rescue, and the remaining two are being treated at a local vet.

Humane Society of Northwest Louisiana Director Courtney Wingate said unwanted pets should never be left like this.

“So there is a couple of different ways if you can no longer keep your animal, you contact the animal control facility in your parish, you can actually just go up there at any time, animal control is an open-intake facility, and they will take your pet at that time. If you do not want your pet going to animal control facility, you can reach out to social media through animal rescue groups’ websites.”

Dogs can suffer from heat exhaustion within minutes. Age, environmental changes, coat, and more can affect how vulnerable they are to overheating. The American Kennel Club suggests that all dogs have access to cool fresh water, shade, and frequent rest periods when it’s hot. Never leave your dog in the car.

Hot asphalt can damage paws in 60 seconds. Veterinarians suggest pet owners walk their dogs in the morning or evenings when it is cooler during the summer months.