BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (WIAT) – Now that Idalia has torn across Florida, Georgia and South Carolina, some animal shelters in central Alabama are preparing to help out any impacted shelters in the storm’s path.

The Greater Birmingham Humane Society (GBHS) is well equipped with trucks to help transport animals displaced after disasters, either through separation from their families or their current shelter being damaged.

“What it’s looking like is that we’re going to be collecting and providing supplies and donations to those in need,” says Ivana Sullivan, chief program officer for the GBHS.

As one of the largest emergency response shelters for animal welfare, the GBHS said when disasters hit the southeast, they’re one of the first shelters called to help.

“We are one of the ones on the front lines that is going to be called to either assist in picking up, assist in search and rescue, assist in housing, assist in vet care,” says Sullivan. “Anything that has anything to do with any kind of disaster, manmade or not, they’re going to call us first and see what we can provide.”

Although the humane society hasn’t been called yet to take in any animals from Idalia, it’s prepared to take some in and is waiting for any calls that may come.

In the meantime, the GBHS is collecting donations it says will be taken to Idalia-impacted shelters within the next week.

“We are taking leashes, collars, crates, bowls, anything you think a pet might utilize or a family might need that they may have lost,” said Sullivan.

Other shelters like the Shelby County Humane Society said because it’s at capacity, it can’t take in any hurricane animals. In a statement, the humane society said “Although Shelby Humane has taken in ‘Hurricane’ dogs before, we are at capacity and cannot take in any animals except those from Shelby County. Should our situation change we will be glad to help out.”

Donations for impacted shelters can be dropped off at the GBHS adoption center or monetarily through their website.