DAVIDSON COUNTY, Tenn. (WKRN) — A heroic act by several strangers helped revive a man on Interstate 40 West earlier this week after a heroin overdose.  

Bruce Hill said Tuesday afternoon he was heading toward Memphis on I-40 when a driver in front of him hit the median and spun around.

“We are in rush hour traffic, I’m watching a car out of control,” Hill said.

According to a Metro police crash report, the driver admitted he did heroin before he ended up close to between Old Hickory Boulevard and Memphis to Bristol Highway.  

“When I approached the side of the vehicle, I knew what was happening. I’m telling everyone around me he’s overdosing, so one guy had his head, I grabbed him by the belt, another had his arm. We pulled him out on the freeway. We decided in that moment we started doing chest compressions,” Hill said.

Hill told News 2 that his own story prepared him for this moment.

“I’ve been fighting addiction 40 years off and on, 20 years as a heroin addict,” Hill said.

Hill is now three years sober and started his own organization called “Recovery Warriors” to help others battling addiction.

Meanwhile in Davidson County, Andrea Hancock is a regional overdose specialist for Davidson County. She says they have handed out over 300,000 units of the overdose reversal drug naloxone within the county.

“I believe everyone should carry it to jump into action because you never know when your lives will cross paths again,” Hancock said.

As for Hill, he said he didn’t have Narcan on him at the time, but he said says he saw the warning signs and jumped into action the best way he could with the help from strangers.

“If had not been for this small collection of people, there is no doubt the man would have been dead today,”  Hill said.