COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — The final moments of 2022 were stressful but exciting for Georgia Bulldogs fans.

In the final seconds of the Peach Bowl, the Ohio State Buckeyes missed a potential game winning field goal. Which meant the Dawgs are going to back to the College Football Playoff national championship game.

Columbus native Dale Williams Jr. said it was an unbelievable experience to see their Dawgs win like that.

“Not going to lie if you told me a year ago that we would literally come down to the last second to get back in it, I wouldn’t have believed it. I’m just glad that we’re back in it again,” said Williams.

There’s an extra sigh of relief for Dale Jr. because when Georgia won the CFP National Championship last season he told WRBL that he believes UGA would repeat as champions. The Bulldogs are once again back in the title game, and Dale’s confidence hasn’t waivered.

“I believe in Georgia. I believe in them making it happen. I feel like we’re in a good enough position to do it again,” he said.

There are plenty Georgia fans out there, but the Bulldogs are a family affair for Dale Jr. His father, Dale Sr., played on the first Georgia football team to win the national championship in 1980. In December 2020, Dale Sr. was diagnosed with COVID-19 and while he was on a ventilator, he suffered a stroke. While he’s still recovering from the stroke, Dale Jr. says his dad still has the same positive attitude.

“His spirits are great. He’s still in a living facility and he’s getting the care that he needs. As far as how he feels about Georgia, all he said when I ask him about the game was he said ‘I told you! We’re back!’. That’s what he said,” said Williams.

It’s very common for fans wear the jersey of their favorite player. For this year’s Peach Bowl Dale Jr. wore a jersey with the number 9 on the back. It’s the same number his father wore.

“Since he couldn’t physically be there with me, I tried to wear that in remembrance of him and hey it worked,” said Williams.

Georgia is one victory away from repeating as CFP National Champions, and Williams was kind enough to give his prediction on how the Dawgs will finish against the #3 TCU Horned Frogs.

“I can see the score being 42-17 Georgia,” said Williams.

Georgia and TCU will play for the CFP National Championship at 6:30 p.m. Monday.