COLUMBUS, Ga. (WRBL) — A parent’s worst nightmare turned into a heartwarming story when a 7-year-old girl saved her little brother’s life.

On May 14, Girl Scout Brownie Evelynn Whisnant and her siblings were dipping their feet in the pool, when their 2-year-old brother Liam fell into the water face down, unable to swim. Evelynn sprang into action, yelling for her parents nearby, but soon took matters into her own hands.

I heard a splash and then I saw Liam in the pool, and I screamed as loud as I could. And then I picked up Liam, by the waist and I said, Are you okay? And then Daddy and Shay Shay took him. He was all wet and coughing. We should help other people. And that’s why I helped my brother.

Evelynn Whisnant, Girl Scout Brownie

The Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia recognized Evelynn for her heroism after saving her little brother’s life. Evelynn received the Girl Scout Medal of Honor, one of the highest awards for those who save or attempt to save someone’s life.

Evelynn’s parents recalled their emotions from that day – disbelief, fear… but most importantly, pride.

It was just so much pride in Evelynn. She did something amazing and I immediately recognized that above all. It was definitely something to be afraid of, but she reacted in such a way that I didn’t need to be. I didn’t have to worry about it because she handled that situation well beyond her years.

William Whisnant, Evelynn’s father

Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson was present at during the presentation of Evelynn’s award. The mayor expressed his admiration for Evelynn and her parents.

We’ve got about 209,000 people that live here. I want you to know that every single one of them, including me, is proud of you. We also are very proud of your parents, William and Karen Whisnant, because Evelyn is an incredible example of what you get when people work together to pour into children.”

Skip Henderson, Columbus Mayor

Henderson awarded Evelynn a medal from his office and a coin from Columbus Fire and EMS, symbolizing she is now an honorary member of the department.

During the ceremony, Girl Scouts of all ages recited the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Evelynn raised her three fingers representing the three parts of the promise: serve God and her country, help people at all times, and live by the Girl Scout Law.

I hope that all people in the United States will help others and care for others… like I did.

Evelynn Whisnant, Girl Scout Brownie