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FORT PIERCE, Fla. (WFLA) – A Florida senior has vanished after he lost his home in a $10 real estate deal. According to the WBPF, after Claude Frye’s story aired, it gained “widespread attention,” and his friends and neighbors are now worried after they haven’t heard from him.

“He left all his things behind, all his clothing, his bicycle, which is his only means of transportation, his checkbook, everything. And he has no money to speak of. So why would he do that?” neighbor Vince Errico told WBPF.

Back in 2021, Frye reportedly signed over his house in a deal he claims he didn’t understand. After living in the home for 23 years, Frye was facing eviction and had nowhere to go.

WBPF stated that after Frye’s mother died in 2020, he fell behind on mortgage payments.

“I wouldn’t have gotten behind so bad, if it wasn’t for my mom dying. It was just me here alone. And I took it really hard,” Frye told WPBF. Frye said that after the bank foreclosed on his home, he asked a man he knew for help.

Frye said Thomas Brinson promised to take over the mortgage payments, so he signed a deed, transferring the property to Brinson for only $10. Brinson had promised Frye that he could still live in the house, but court filings later showed that the senior didn’t realize what he was signing.

Once I signed the paper and I didn’t realize that that gave him the right to sell it and evict me,” Frye told WBPF.

After signing over the deed, the new owner of the home sold it to an investor, who then sold the home to a third buyer for $185,000. The owner filed for eviction and a judge reportedly upheld it, despite Errico writing a letter to the court stating Frye was “mentally disabled and taken advantage of.” According to WBPF, the judge said there was “no evidence of wrongdoing.”

The outlet stated that after Frye’s story aired, another investor reached out to help Frye with his case. Errico said Frye was excited to get the help, but before the final eviction, Errico said another neighbor had dropped Frye off in Fort Lauderdale.

Since then, no one knows where he went. He also hasn’t been answering his phone, which is out of character for him, according to reports.

Errico told WPBF that he filed a missing persons reports with the sheriff’s office. “Yeah, I’m very worried about him. You know, that’s just not right,” he told the outlet.

Anyone with information on Frye’s whereabouts is asked to call detectives at St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Department.