PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WMBB) — The Nao Trinidad was one of five ships Magellan took on his voyage to become the first to sail around the world.

“The original, unfortunately, sank in 1521,” crew member Diego Bermudez said. “They left in 1519 with five ships and over 260 men. And they came back with one ship in 18. But it was the first time that Western Europe did a circumnavigation around the world.”

This replica was built in Spain in 2017. Once completed the crew sailed the ship across the Atlantic. 

“There’s only five sails,” Bermudez said. “And these ships are designed to cross oceans. So unless we have the wind at our back, we really can’t sail, which really makes it really challenging. But that being said, all the canvas sails are able to pick up wind. All of the maneuvers that we do are done by hand. So it’s all a team effort for us to maneuver our sales and our yards back and forth.”

The crew has been sailing the ship from port to port, sharing the story of the original ship. 

“We are going to be set up like a museum,” Bermudez said. “So you are going to see what, you know, artifacts and stuff that was of things that were set up back in the 16th century.” 

The floating museum transports visitors back in history.

“You get to learn about the voyage itself, why it took three years to sail around the world,” Bermudez said. “Why life was so tough back then in the 16th century, you see all the decks. You see how crunched it was. You know, we have 54 people that were living in a 90 by 30-foot space pretty much.” 

Destination Panama City helped make this visit possible and promoted the ship’s goal of education. 

“Destination Panama City is one of the ship’s signature sponsors for coming here, we were able to give away 300 tickets to local students and their families through media schools,” President and CEO of Destination Panama City Jennifer Vigil said. “They’re currently picking those up at our offices, and we’re able to offer this ship some lodging while they’re here.”

The crew will be docked at Saint Andrew’s Marina through Sunday evening.

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