TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A single mom is one of the most recent recipients of a makeover from the “My Fairy Godfathers Foundation” to help her prepare for job interviews.

The foundation is a non-profit organization that helps young girls and women who are overcoming adverse circumstances prepare for the workforce.

Founded by Andrew Ashton and Steven Anderson, the organization has given women a “Gift of Beauty” since 2010. Not only do they provide a tool like “Dress for Success,” but also give the recipients lifestyle support.

With “Dress for Success,” women are not only able to receive clothes for interviews but skills for the workforce.

A single Tampa mom, 32, and pregnant with her fourth child, was a teen mom when she first got pregnant at 18 years old. She has gone through numerous surgeries for Crohn’s disease while transitioning from her teen years to motherhood.

Now, she is receiving a complete makeover to empower her future.

“I feel like I can take on the world,” she said. “I feel great, I feel confident; I feel like I already have everything that I need.”

The mom of four is working as a parent liaison for Hillsborough Schools where she helps others who are dealing with hardships.

Another woman receiving a makeover is a woman who lost her husband 10 years ago and had to find a job without much experience.

The third woman receiving a makeover is an immigrant from India who received help with her resumé and English language skills.