WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WMBB) — Walton County deputies continue to look for hundreds of teenagers who threw a party in an $8 million home this weekend. 

But none of the teenagers lived in the home. 250 teens broke in and burglarized the five-bedroom, eight-bath home. 

Homeowners said the hundreds of teens stole thousands of dollars in personal items.

The teenagers posted Snapchat videos of the party, including teens boxing inside the home.

“It really baffles the imagination the stupidity involved,” Walton County Sheriff Mike Adkinson said. “Because all these geniuses took their cell phones and videotaped. So every SRD in two counties go, ‘This is such and such, they play football in Niceville. This is such and such, they’re a student at Fort Walton Beach High School. This is such and such they’re a student at South Walton.”

Adkinson said deputies have spoken to many of the kids. He said the teenagers are all from Walton and Okaloosa County. Adkinson said many didn’t realize the house was being burglarized.

Homeowners spoke to News 13 but did not want to go on camera. The mother said the teens pried open a back window with a crowbar to get inside the home.

“This wasn’t their home,” Adkinson said of the teens. “They broke into someone’s house and did this. And these people did this, with their personal possessions. You think of the most intimate things you have, would you want everyone taking it running their hands through it.”

Once inside the house, partiers tried on the family’s clothing and father’s rings. They also threw her daughter’s dolls on top of the roof and destroyed her toys. Partiers also drank all the families’ liquor and wine.

“There’s a psychological effect that somebody’s in your personal stuff, they’re in your bedroom, in your clothes,” Adkinson said.

Homeowners said the house was vacant for less than 24 hours, but investigators said the teens posted online flyers for the party for a week. Homeowners are unsure how the kids knew the house would be empty. They plan to file criminal and civil charges against the teens.