VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida principal resigned after it was revealed she tried to send $100,000 from the school’s account to a scammer posing as Elon Musk.

Jan McGee, principal of Burns Science and Technology charter school in Oak Hill, claimed she spent months talking to a man online who was pretending to be the richest man on Earth, NBC affiliate WESH reports.

McGee was reportedly trying to net a multi-million dollar donation in the school, in exchange for a $100,000 check. The school’s business manager cancelled the check before it could be cashed.

The principal was repeatedly told she was speaking to a scammer, according to other administrators at a school board meeting. School staff members also pointed out other issues they have with McGee and accused her of fostering a toxic work environment.

McGee resigned after multiple staff members said they refused to work for her any longer, according to WESH.