PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — More than a month after investigators say a child’s femur was broken at the hands of her teacher, a family still has unanswered questions.

“I play the scenario over and over again in my head every day,” mother Leah Owen said Monday. “I just can’t understand how that could happen.”

In mid-January, Owen received a call no parent wants to hear. 

Her 3-year-old autistic child, Gabby, was a student at Capstone Academy in Pensacola when investigators say she broke her femur, was bruised and scraped.

Investigators say the teacher, Samantha Forester, was changing Gabby out of wet clothes when the injury happened.

“I got a phone call from (Gabby’s) teacher saying she got her dress wet while washing her hands in the bathroom,” Owen said. “She went to change her dress and Gabby twisted around, and she heard a loud pop.” 

Gabby was taken to the hospital and put in a cast. Investigators interviewed Forester, and she was charged with aggravated child abuse.

She was later released on a $10,000 bond.

“I cry every day. I cry seeing my child like that,” Owen said. “She can’t move. She’s normally an active child. She just has to lie in a cast all day.” 

Owen says she’s left wondering how these injuries could have happened and if they were intentional.

“Nothing can change what happened and nothing can make it right,” Owen said. “I just want justice. I want her to be held accountable.”

Since the incident, Owen has retained The Watson Firm to represent Gabby in a lawsuit brought against the school, Forester or both.

“Gabby is autistic. She is nonverbal. She’s also three years old. Children are some of the most vulnerable people in our population,” attorney Ashley Armstrong said. “So, it is our job to make sure they get the justice that is warranted when something like this happens.” 

Attorney Aaron Watson also weighed in Monday.

“Gabby couldn’t speak up for herself. But guess what? We’re going to speak up for her,” Watson said. “It’s our job now to do whatever we can to make sure she’s fully compensated.”

Capstone Academy released the following statement in response to the incident:

“We understand and share our parents’ expectations of placing their special needs children in a safe and comforting learning environment and our hearts go out to the family of this child who was injured. Our standards of care have always been set high and remain so today and our history validates that. This was an unfortunate event for everyone involved.

It is important to know that we have always abided by strict hiring and employment practices that include background checks, training, and specialized certifications and recertifications. It is also important to know that our teachers are here by choice; they are passionate about working with children with very specific behavioral needs.

While our preference would be to share the facts and correct misinformation and uninformed commentary on social media, we are unable to do so at this time in order that we move through the legal process with integrity. We will continue to cooperate with law enforcement and the Department of Children and Families as this matter proceeds forward.”