MARIANNA, Fla. (WMBB) — When an alleged drunk driver left Beef O’Brady’s on July 6, 2019, he hit another driver head-on, killing himself, and two others.

For many people in Jackson County, Florida, nothing was the same after that day.

Stephen Blighton believes Beef O’Brady’s in Marianna is to blame. He’s suing them for the wrongful death of his wife.

“How many drinks can one individual be served in one hour? I don’t know what the answer to that question is,” Beef O’Brady’s Owner Scott O’Brien replied to an attorney.

163-pound Miseal Gonzalez was allegedly served two long island iced teas and one-to-two 64 oz. pitchers of beer in about a 2-hour span.

The bartender presumed to have over-served Mr. Gonzalez in 2019, said she was never trained by the restaurant to use a measuring cup for drinks and always adds tequila to LIT’s.

Bianca Hernandez said she thought Mr. Gonzales was ok to be drinking as much as he was because she was under the impression he was just walking next door, rather than driving.

“I saw on the video, that I didn’t have my memory of until I saw the video, that he had an altercation with one of our regulars that go and that situation was de-escalated,” Hernandez said.

The video was surveillance from the restaurant. It played in court and shows Gonzalez allegedly having beer-chugging contests, the argument mentioned, taking his shirt off at one point and even nearly ramming the building with his car.

Apparently, Gonzalez was at Beef O’Brady’s that night to visit an employee that he’d been seeing recently.

“Yes, that was too much for the two hours, but again, that doesn’t mean that he didn’t drink before,” Taylor Moody said.

Gonzalez’s former wife Jordan Mercer-Gonzalez said Mr. Gonzalez was always drinking.

It’s the root of the reason she broke up with him in April 2019.

Three months later, he died in this tragic event.