TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – The sweetest “Love Story” unfolded at one of Taylor Swift’s sold-out concerts at Raymond James Stadium this past weekend after a couple got engaged during her performance.

TikTok user Alyse Mitchell captured the moment and shared the proposal to social media, which quickly went viral.

In the viral video, Mitchell and her friend were seen “having the most feral experience” at the concert when all of a sudden, they were “slipped the sweetest note ever.”

The sweet message inscribed on a sticky note from a hotel read, “Please record me in Love Story I’m going to propose.”

Then, right on cue, just as Taylor Swift was singing, “He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring,” the man did just that! As soon as Swift sang those words, the man got on one knee and held a ring box to his girlfriend, who was jumping up and down beside him, singing along to the song.

The unsuspecting girl was so engulfed in the concert experience and song that she didn’t even see her boyfriend kneel down at first. A girl standing behind the future bride could be seen in the video nudging her in the back to get her attention.

As soon as the girl caught on, she was stunned, and everyone around her began cheering and screaming with excitement!

“I was so honored. Thank you for trusting a total stranger like me with something like this,” Mitchell wrote in her video.

Since the video quickly gained attention, some TikTok users were quick to comment that the man had the ring box facing toward him instead of the girl.

“That’s so sweet!!! Why is the box facing him tho,” one user wrote. Mitchell responded to the comment and said, “The poor thing was SO NERVOUS, but he did so good.”

As of Monday morning, Mitchell’s post has 4.3 million likes and 18.4 million views!

As Taylor Swift’s Tampa takeover came to an end, the 12-time Grammy Award winner left her mark on the city. Aside from Tampa Mayor Jane Castor making Swift the honorary Mayor of Tampa and Hillsborough County changing its name to “Swiftsborough,” the iconic singer also donated over 125,000 meals to Feeding Tampa Bay in an effort to end hunger in the community.

According to the Twitter account “Taylor Swift Facts,” an estimated total of 206,459 fans showed up over a three-day period of Swift’s sold-out concert series at Raymond James Stadium.