PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WMBB) — Three Alabama men were arrested last night after arguing and discharging a firearm in Panama City Beach, according to officials.

Panama City Beach Police responded to a call for gunshots in the area of Longboards Restaurant and Bar on Thomas Drive around 11:30 p.m.

“We were just standing in line at Longboards actually and we just heard someone shooting behind us, we didn’t know what was going on,” spring breaker Braxton Whitehead said. “We just seen everybody running so we just took off.

Whitehead says he was not sure what was happening but ran away from the scene.

“I mean, I just seen everybody running, so I just took off with them,” Whitehead said. “I didn’t know what was going on. But if I see everyone running I’m just following behind them.”

He was here to enjoy his spring break.

“I just expected everyone to have a good time. We just trying to come out, have a good time and chill but they won’t let us in now cause people doing dumb stuff.” Whitehead said.

Panama City Beach Police stated that mutual aids reported hearing gunshots and when police arrived, the mutual aids had detained three people from Alabama.

According to the news release, the men were arguing inside the restaurant bar and it then continued in the overflow parking lot. Officials stated that as they were leaving the area, they discharged their firearms.

Beach Police said the three men were in possession of AR-15-style pistols and one handgun. Caleb Trosch and Daniel Hunter Jr. are charged with discharging a firearm from an occupied vehicle and carrying a concealed firearm. Jason Wheat is charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

All three are also facing drug charges for possession of marijuana. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Beach Police said video from inside the restaurant bar is being reviewed and this is an active ongoing investigation.

News 13 reached out to Longboards Restaurant and Bar and they told us nobody was available to give a statement at this time.

We will update this story if any more information becomes available.