LEBANON, Tenn. (WKRN) — A World War II veteran’s family has learned the remains of not one, but three marines had been mistakenly buried in their loved one’s tomb more than seven decades ago. 

In July of 2021, World War II Captain Glenn Walker’s correct remains were brought home and buried in Lebanon after a mix up discovered by the DPAA. 

“It’s just been an experience that brought our family closer together. We had over 100 cousins come to the memorial service. That in a way was just so special,” Captain Walker’s nephew, Lane Martin, said. 

Since that day, Captain Walker’s family has wanted to give that same closure to the family of the service member who laid in his place for more than seven decades. Now they believe more than just one marine was buried there.  

“They told us there were parts of not just one marine in there, but there was parts of possibly three different marines through DNA testing,” Martin said. 

This didn’t come as a complete surprise to Walker’s family. 

“I knew that there was so much chaos when those men were re-buried that it was certainly a possibility for the comingling of bones,” Martin admitted. 

Walker was one of roughly 1,000 soldiers killed during the bloody Battle of Tarawa in World War II. Now his loved ones are committed to finding the identities of the three heroes who died next to Captain Walker.  

“My grandmother and my mother and the rest of the family, they all thought that that was the right man and all, that that was their brother, their son that was buried there,” Martin said. “Those men stood in the gap for my family until we could get Uncle Glenn back.”