CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – It’s a nightmare no one wants to live through, having all of your belongings stolen. It’s the reality Ricardo Diaz is going through after his storage unit was broken into.

Couches, tables and personal belongings are gone or destroyed after Diaz came home from a trip to Texas for his birthday. He left for his two-week vacation believing his items were secure in a storage unit.

“You don’t think it will ever in a million years happen to you,” said Diaz. “As I’m unlocking the unit the metal part of the latch falls off.”

Diaz was in the process of moving to Chicago to get settled and start school in the fall. He stored essentially his entire life at Red Dot Storage on Fort Campbell Boulevard. He admitted that, at first, he wasn’t sure his things would be safe there, but needing a place to store his things was a priority, and the storage space was equipped with a gated keypad and locked unit door.

“When I open my unit, all of my boxes are empty, stacked up on the right side of the unit, just messed up things are broken, glass is everywhere, it was just really really messy. Like if you would have gotten the storage unit, and you would’ve just shaken it with everything inside, and just kind of left it on its side,” explained Diaz.

Diaz told News 2 that someone took off with more than $7,000 worth of items. He immediately called the Clarksville Police Department. According to police, their department investigated nine storage unit break-ins. Oftentimes, these storage locations are equipped with security cameras, but they don’t always work, or sometimes the images aren’t great.

“When I walked down there were already two broken into. If I just shook the lock it would just come off,” Diaz said.

The Army veteran is still excited to move to Chicago, but his plans have been pushed back because of the break-in. He is currently raising money through a GoFundMe account, in order to replace some of his stolen items.

“Everything was just gone. Everything that I had purchased for my new apartment in Chicago that I was going to move in, is gone,” Diaz said. “They left a bag of human feces in there, and they left a child, 5- or 6-year-old girl’s shoes and a jacket, and those were not mine.”

Diaz told News 2, that the theft had to happen within the two weeks he was gone. Now, he wonders if a moving van was used, or if the thieves visited his unit several times. He now is hoping someone will come forward.

“If you know anything, regarding my stuff, or somebody else’s stuff, or that unit say something. I mean I just want my stuff back, I’m not going to go after you, I just want my stuff back,” said Diaz.

If you know anything about this crime, call the Clarksville Police Department.