Interested in interning with CBS 42?

Read on for details on our Internship Program.Download the CBS 42 Internship Application Form here » CBS 42 INTERNSHIP AGREEMENT

As a part of our commitment to educational enrichment and community service, CBS 42 Television in Birmingham, Ala. offers a limited number of highly-sought unpaid internships aimed at providing a springboard for college students interested in developing careers in broadcast and journalism. These internships are offered to selected participants currently enrolled in institutions of higher learning. Student interns will experience different phases of a television station’s day-to-day operations as a supplement to their academic curriculum.

Internship Areas:

  • News Producing
  • Digital Producing
  • Editing/Production
  • Meteorology
  • Sports Writing and Producing
  • Sales

Required Skills:

CBS 42 Television internships are made available to juniors and senior, registered in a four-year undergraduate program, at an accredited college or university. Applicants should possess declared majors in communications, journalism, broadcast production techniques or some similar related area. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age. The applicant must receive academic credit for the internship experience in a course specifically for internship as described and defined by the institution’s own course listing.

General Requirements:

– The applicant will be required to present proof of their GPA, be referred by their career services director or professor from the current college, along with a copy of an academic record that reflects the major and minor fields of study in an official document provided by or can be confirmed by your institution.

– Able to receive college credit for this internship in a course which requires the internship for credit.

– A responsible student that can be recommended for the program by at least two institution professionals, such as a professor, counselor or department chairman.

– Willing to work mornings, nights and/ or weekends as assigned and at least two community service projects occurring during the internship period. We will do our best to work with your schedule.

If interested in Digital/Web Operations: In addition to general requirements, must have some writing skills. Experience with web content, video editing or content management systems is a plus, but not required.

CBS 42-TV Internship

The programs for semester credits begin in September, January and late May. Exact dates TBD.

You must submit the following :

  1. Complete the CBS 42 internship agreement (link at the top of the page).
  2. Cover letter (Please include answers to the following questions): 
  • State clearly the area in which you are interested.
  • Make sure that the contact’s information for your institution is clearly printed: name and title and at least two phone numbers.
  • Why are you interested in working with CBS 42 versus other stations in the market? 
  • Specifically, what industry job are you hoping to be hired for after graduation and where?
  1. Present two letters of recommendation.
  2. An official notice of your academic GPA standing, (a grade point average of 2.5 GPA or higher) and proof of your major/minor fields of study.  You may not participate in an internship if you are on academic warning or scholastic probation. 
  3. Academic proof and letters of recommendation can be attached to your online application (email scan to: ) or mailed to:

CBS 42 Television
2075 Golden Crest Drive
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Attn: Internship Coordinator

What comes next? 

After your information is received, you will be advised if you will advance to the next stage of the application process. It is imperative that your initial application package is complete and your information is correct when submitting it for review. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.

Please note:  You will not be notified of the internship start until you are accepted. 

CBS 42 is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and Drug Free Workplace!