Where the state of Alabama stands on all types of CBD oil


ALABAMA (WIAT) — Under Alabama law, CBD oil (cannabidol) is illegal. CBD is a derivative of the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana.

The Shelby County Drug Task Force said the topic of CBD oil has been popular on social media and he said the product is still confusing to many in the state.

“The way the law was written and as an opinion of a narcotics investigator, was that it created a little bit of a confusion. The water was muddied a little bit on exactly what is a debilitation illness,” said Captain Clay Hammac with the Shelby County Drug Task Force.

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Hammac said the federal government classifies anything that comes from the marijuana plant, including CBD, is illegal. Even CBD oil that claims to not have THC in it, which is the part of the plant that causes someone to be high. 

“In many of these products where the public is purchasing illegally, whether it be from a store locally or over the internet, if you’re not part of this qualified exemption, then it is illegal to process.CBD oil and so many of those products you are purchasing do contain THC whether they’re small amounts or large amounts. it will test positive for marijuana and please understand when it does test positive for marijuana, so are the lingering effects of being under the influence of marijuana,” said Hammac.

Captain Hammac said as law enforcement, they are not to advocate the benefits of this product. Their job is to force the law that is written, which means CBD oil is illegal. 

Meanwhile Dr. Bill Chetwood wit the Medical Cannabis Advocates of Alabama said research show it can have a positive effect on people.

“It is misunderstood by large numbers of people. It’s a result of drug war hysteria that has been generating for decades. The people that said it is a drug, yes it is a drug,so is tylenol, so is aspirin,” said Dr. Chetwood.

According to the National Academy of Sciences, they have strong evidence that CBD oil helps with chronic pain, nausea, and other illnesses.

Dr. Chetwood is a retired psychiatrist and researcher in the health effects. He said more needs to be discussed. 

“The FDA last month moved it to a scheduled 5 classification which is lowest regulated classification and just above over the shelf, over the counter,” said Chetwood.

Right now in Alabama, the only was to obtain CBD oil legally is through Carly’s Law and Leni’s Law. Carly’s Law only applies to those with a debilitating epileptic condition who possess a prescription authorized by the University of Alabama-Birmingham, and the oil can only contain 3% THC.

Leni’s Law applies to people with a debilitating illness that is specifically diagnosed by a doctor, and the oil can only contain up to 3% of THC. 

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