HEFLIN, Ala. (WIAT) — Hoover Jerome Morris was last seen leaving his home in Heflin on November 22, 1991. He was 18 years old and his mother says she is still holding onto hope that he will be found.

“Every year when Thanksgiving comes around I think about Jerome. I wonder if he’s alive,” said Canary Kelley, Jerome’s mother.

This Thanksgiving marked the 25th holiday season Hoover Jerome Morris’s family has spent without him.

“Is he sick? Is he warm? I just need to know one way or the other,” said Kelley.

A few months ago, Heflin Police Chief A.J. Benefield contacted Jerome’s sister, Nichole Young, and told her he was reopening the case.

“This case here was kind of near and dear to my heart as well because I remember when Jerome went missing when I was in high school. We were classmates,” explained Benefield.

“It just did something to me and I kind of just broke down and started crying,” said Young.

Benefield says they’ve already made progress, but their biggest obstacle has been a lack of cooperation from potential witnesses.

“We’re putting pressure on these people and we’re going to pressure them out,” said Benefield.

And that lack of cooperation has been a problem from the start. On the day of his disappearance Nichole says a red sports car pulled up outside their home. Jerome left in that car.

“That was the last we seen of him. When he left, he never came back,” said Young.

Canary Kelley said they started asking around and they put up flyers, trying to find someone who had seen him.

“Couldn’t get nobody to talk. I guess it was because they were afraid if they said anything, they might be next,” said Kelley.

But with the renewed effort from the Heflin Police Department, the family is holding on to hope.

“Do we suspect there’s foul play involved? Absolutely we do. And we’re going to prove who did what,” said Benefield.

If you have any information about Morris’s disappearance, contact the Heflin Police Department and speak with Investigator Stacey Hendrix or Chief A. J. Benefield.