What Drives You Crazy? Traffic lights are out of sync on 20th Street in Ensley


ENSLEY, Ala. (WIAT) — Buddy Vines sent me this message about some of the traffic lights on 20th Street in Ensley —

Hi Rachel. The traffic lights on 20th street in Ensley are out of sync. I get stopped at nearly every one. I have called ALDOT as well as Birmingham DOT and they have done nothing! Makes my commute at least 8 minutes longer than it should be. When they are synced, I would breeze right through. HELP! Thanks!”

There are about seven traffic lights on Highway 269 between Avenue C and the interstate ramp that are out of sync.

“There’s a safety issue as well because I’ve seen drivers actually run the light because they get so frustrated about getting stopped by each and every one,” Buddy Vines said. “It’s not unusual to see drivers speed to try to make it to the light before it turns red.”

I called the city of Ensley and spoke with a representative in the Roads and Transportation Department. I found out that there is a fiber line that is damaged, which is causing the lights to get out of sync. The city is currently working with ALDOT to get the line repaired, however, there is no timeline for that project.

After I called, the city sent a technician out on Thursday (11/09/17) to put the lights back into proper synchronization. Until the line is repaired, we will have to call the city at (205) 798-6272 any time the lights go back out of sync, and they will send another tech out to temporarily fix the issue.

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