KFC debuts ‘new console’ to rival PlayStation, Xbox


(WIAT) — Microsoft and Sony better look out, because a new challenger has arrived for the next-generation console wars. Who’s the contender? None other than Colonel Sanders himself.

That’s right. Kentucky Fried Chicken took to Twitter on June 12 to highlight the newest addition to their menu: the KFConsole.

The KFConsole is equipped with a “chicken chamber” to keep your fried chicken warm while you game, has cross-platform capabilities, and can deliver true 4K video at 120 frames per second.

This invention even caught the attention of the official Xbox Twitter account.

Obviously, this is KFC trolling the internet with their own “reveal” just days after Sony revealed their next console, the PlayStation 5. Still, the thought of having a gaming console that also has a “chicken chamber” is a dream worth chasing.

What did you think of the KFConsole? Are you ready to #PowerYourHunger? Let me know on Twitter: @NickErebia.


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