Here is what we can expect as we head towards Friday.

First, models are picking up on 2 key ingredients that, when coupled together, are a good combination for enhancing spin in the atmosphere. First, we have a very strong low level jet that will set up over us. The low level jet is the wind created just above our heads in a relatively low layer of the atmosphere.

The low level jet will starting strengthening over West Alabama around 11pm Friday night and continue through the pre dawn hours on Saturday. In addition to the low level jet we have instability. This time of year, it doesn’t take as much instability as we see in late spring with much warmer temperatures.

Instability will ripple across central Alabama around the same time, from around midnight Saturday morning until about 4 AM. The environment isn’t an incredibly unstable, but are on the low end of instability that could definitely support severe storm development. For that reason, we want to make sure everyone is prepared and not caught off guard by the overnight storms.

Due to a combination of these factors, the storm prediction center has already indicated we need to watch west Alabama closely for the potential of tornadoes.

Here is the time line for the storms. Again, it will begin in west Alabama close to midnight and should be clear of East Alabama by the time the sun rises.

Threats will include strong winds and heavy rain with a few tornadoes possible. I think ingredients will be most favorable in west Alabama for those more severe storms. As the line crosses over I-65 it will weaken and remain a wind and rain event.

Because this is expected overnight, have a way to get warnings and alerts. Your phone, weather radio or TV. We will be here keeping you safe from the storm.

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