Wednesday: We will begin to see more unsettled weather as we head into midweek. The morning will start with heavy rain south of I-20. By mid morning, only a few light sprinkles. The afternoon will include drier air and even some sunshine. This will only add to the instability for the storms moving in Wednesday night. Highs Wednesday swell into the mid 70s.

Wednesday Severe Threats: Again, the morning rain will be non-severe, but with those evening storms, there will be plenty of instability to spark thunderstorms capable of producing winds in excess of 60 mph and a brief tornado. Heavy rainfall and isolated hail producing storms can’t be ruled out completely either. The ONE key factor with Wednesday’s storm will be forcing. The front moving in tomorrow is not inherently robust, meaning there isn’t a large, frigid airmass behind it. Therefore, for all the ingredients to mix together to cause severe weather, there has to be something forcing these storms.

Stay Weather Aware: We need to stay weather Aware Wednesday. Make sure you have a good way to get weather alerts through the afternoon and evening.

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