MORRIS PARK, the Bronx (WPIX) – A sinkhole large enough to swallow an entire van opened up on a street in the Bronx during a rainy Monday in New York City.

Police cordoned off the area in the neighborhood of Morris Park after the sinkhole formed, with bits of street continuing to slowly fall away as spectators stood and watched. Pieces of the pavement eventually began to crumble under the wheels of a white van parked along Radcliff Avenue.

The entire van later fell into the hole, its alarms going off as tumbled toward the bottom. Another car parked near the van also looked to be in danger of falling into the hole, but ultimately remained on the pavement.

No injuries were reported as a result of the sinkhole, FDNY officials said. Work crews were set to remain on scene overnight, according to Bronx Borough President Vanessa Gibson.

Gibson said 75 customers were left without water service because of the hole.

“I have never seen a sinkhole so big in my life,” Gibson tweeted.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) at the site of the sinkhole investigating on Monday. The department had initially said the sinkhole was “not likely weather-related,” according to told NY1, an NYC news outlet, but officials later said they were investigating all possible causes.

Monday’s heavy rains, meanwhile, had wreaked havoc on traffic and public transportation in the area, flooding intersections in New York and New Jersey and sending waters pouring into some MTA subway stations.