WATCH: Pinson Valley High School students contact International Space Station


Tuesday, April 10 around 1 p.m., a select group of 15 students from Pinson Valley High School used an amateur radio system to make contact with the International Space Station. They will be the first high school students in the state to do so.

Once the students made contact, they interviewed astronaut Richard Robert “Ricky” Arnold II as the ISS passes over the state of Alabama.

Marlene Martinez was one of the 15 students selected to interview Arnold. Martinez says it’s an experience she will never forget, “When I first him talk I gasped. Cause I couldn’t believe we were actually talking to him. And I was just shocked it actually work.”

English teacher Jennifer Moore helped plan the event and says she couldn’t help but be a little concerned, “You are talking to a spacecraft that’s flying 17,000 miles per hour, 255 miles above the earth. So I was very anxious until we first heard astronaut Ricky Arnold’s voice.”

Moore went onto say she is proud to be part of history. Pinson Valley High School is the first school in Alabama to make contact with the ISS. Students only had a 10 minute window to make contact and ask the questions.

Watch them make contact and interview Arnold here:

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