WATCH: Las Vegas woman chased, kicked, kidnapped caught on doorbell camera; suspect arrested


Courtesy: Las Vegas PD – CNN

LAS VEGAS, NV – (WIAT, CNN & CBS) Police have made an arrest in a disturbing case where there was a home surveillance video of a woman being beaten and dragged into a car.

Early Wednesday morning on January 1st, patrol officers responded to a residence near Warm Springs Road and I-215 where a homeowner captured a suspicious situation on a home surveillance video in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Police say around 12:48 a.m. a woman is seen running from a white sedan. As she runs to a house she begins to bang on the door and screams for help. That is when a man can be seen exiting the vehicle, running to her and he begins to hit and kick her as he drags her into the vehicle.

Courtesy: Las Vegas PD – CNN

Authorities say the man in the video has been identified as 23-year-old Darnell Rodgers.

Darnell Rodgers – suspect in a kidnapping caught on camera
(Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

Police say the homeowner witnessed the entire incident on his home surveillance and called police immediately. Once the video was released to police, numerous tips came through as people recognized the people involved from the video. And another previous domestic violence call regarding the couple was made that helped lead police to them.

According to the Officials, also the sound from the victim screaming Rodger’s name along with the tips also helped lead police to several calls regarding the incident.

Rodgers was arrested early Thursday morning on Kidnapping and Domestic Battery charges.

He will make a court appearance battery charges on Friday.


Police say the home the woman was seen on surveillance of a completely random home and she did not know anyone there.

Authorities say the incident happened after the couple, who are in a relationship, had just left a New Year’s Eve party, and picked up their newborn on the way home. Police say their 1-month newborn was inside the vehicle at the time of the incident.

According to Las Vegas Police, the woman victim was found and is safe. Child Protective Services are now involved.

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