WATCH: How farmers pick out a perfect Christmas Tree


HARPERSVILLE, Ala. (WIAT) — No more debate over if it’s time to play Christmas music, put the decorations up, or get the tree. It’s officially time!

Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, was opening day at Old Baker Farms. CBS 42 spoke to employee Leah Harry,  to hear how she finds that perfect tree.

There’s more to the decision than just real or fake. 

The entrance sign at Old Baker Farm in Harpersville.

“There’s something about that ambiance and that feel in your house when you get a real tree,” Leah Harry, Employee at Old Baker Farm, whose family has owned it for decades.

They don’t do fake trees out here.

An Old Baker Farms employee ties down a tree.

“We do Leland’s, our Carolina sapphire trees, we have a variety of pine trees and also precut fir trees from North Carolina.”

If you’re looking for just a tree – first thing you want to check for is fullness.

“If you look at some of the other trees that are the same height, you might wonder why can’t I cut this tree, it’s not full enough and it’s just really not big enough, in comparison to something to, see this one?”

Next on the list to check is height. But what if you forgot to measure before you got out there?

“If you don’t know what your ceiling height is, I advise you to air on the side of caution. These don’t look that big in person, but then you get em inside and you feel like you’re in Christmas vacation. Limbs everywhere, a lot of sap, just a lot going on.”

Naturally, trees dry out – Harry has a trick up her sleeve for you to avoid all those pesky needles.

“If you boil water the first time you put it in the water, it kind of loosens up the sap a bit and it’ll stay fresh longer,” Harry said.

Then it’s time bring your new holiday staple home.

Old Baker Farm is open daily from 9 a.m. until dark.

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