Washington State University develops apple that could last a year in storage


(CNN/WIAT) — An apple that could last up to a year in a refrigerator is starting to hit grocery store shelves across the U.S.

It took researchers and farmers two decades to make the Cosmic Crisp apple.

It’s a mixture of enterprise and Honeycrisp Apples.

Cosmic Crisp was developed at Washington State University.

The apple got its name from the little bright spots that resemble stars in the sky.

The acidity of the Cosmic Crisp supposedly prevents it from turning brown as quickly as other apples.

According to the apple variation’s website, “In addition to being sweet and crisp, it is naturally slow to brown when cut and maintains its texture and flavor in storage for more than a year.”

The apple started its shipment from Washington State for public consumption last Sunday. Only 450,000  boxes are available this year, but in 2020, there should be more than two million boxes.

Can you get this apple in Alabama? Not yet. You can find the list of available areas where the apple will be sold here.


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