Walmart introduces new Twinkies cereal, Eggo Waffle cereal returns


(WIAT) — Walmart is getting all the goodies this holiday season. Walmart will sell Twinkies- and Eggo Waffle-inspired cereal.

The Twinkies cereal will still have the same shape as the golden tweet, we can only hope it’ll still have that same satisfying taste. The cereal will hit shelves sometime in December, and each box will cost $3.98.

Fans of the Eggo Waffle cereal will be happy to know that after a seven-year break, the breakfast delight will be returning to Walmart sometime after this Christmas.

Earlier this year, a fan of the cereal tweeted Eggo asking to bring it back. Eggo responded, saying that if they were to get 10,000 retweets that they’ll bring back the cereal. Thanks to the internet being the beautiful place that it is, they received 10.6 thousand retweets. Seems like Eggo kept good on their end of the deal.

The cereal will return in two flavors, Blueberry and Maple Flavored homestyle, and a box will cost you $3.64.

Will you be starting your December mornings with these new breakfast meals? Let us know by tweeting me @NickErebia.


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