Voting issues across Georgia delay primary results


ATLANTA, Ga. (WJBF) – Some candidates say Georgia needs to revamp its ability to run elections to avoid another embarrassment come November.

Votes are still being counted across Georgia after a slew of issues at several polling precincts across the state — leading to long lines and chaos. More than a million Georgians voted from home because of the pandemic — and that itself delayed the count.

The blame game in Georgia is on.

“Yesterday was a debacle, it was an embarrassment.”

Jon Ossoff

“It’s ridiculous. This is a mark of shame on this state and it must stop.”

Teresa Tomlinson

Voters say long lines, new machines, and a shortage of poll workers added to the confusion.

“We have to emergency ballots or provisional ballots at the polling places.”

Teresa Tomlinson

The secretary of state says county leaders should be better prepared.

“I got text from people who were in line at 6:50a and the voting machines had not arrived.”

Teresa Tomlinson

“People have to leave lines, they have to go to their jobs, they have to go pick up their kids.”

Lauren Groh-Wargo

“We need to have mail in ballot, postage prepaid for every single registered voter.”

Teresa Tomlinson

The NAACP says Georgia should allow same day voter registration.

“We should be the #1 state in the country for African American voters to vote with the history of the civil rights movement, large % of voters of color, way more than any battleground state in the country.”

Lauren Groh-Wargo CEO of Fair Fight Action

“The discouragement of voters is one of our biggest concerns. There are several states in this country, and countries around the world that competently hold elections. This is the basic function of our democratic government and  for our state to fail is abysmal, a travesty, it is unforgivable”

Jon Ossoff (D) US Senate Candidate

The secretary of state blamed county leaders and will investigate two Atlanta area counties while Georgia’s speaker of the house is calling for an investigation as lawmakers head back to the 2020 legislative session next Monday.

We reached out to the secretary of state’s office but they did not want to comment because of the on going voter counts.

Run off elections in Georgia are Tuesday, August 11, and in South Carolina, run offs are and Tuesday, June 23.

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